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Dusun IoT Wiki Center

Greetings! You've stepping into the Dusun IoT Wiki Center, and we're here to guide you through our comprehensive resources hub for development! Here, you'll find essential materials such as product specifications, user manuals, quick start guides (QSG), and more, tailored to all of Dusun IoT's embedded hardware products.

Dusun IoT Wiki Center

Dusun IoT's Embedded System Hardware Portfolio

Dusun IoT is committed to delivering a diverse range of embedded hardware solutions, spanning from SoMs to pure IoT gateway hardware, and IoT gateways with integrated applications. Our extensive product portfolio is designed to cater to businesses of all types, diverse development capabilities, and varying levels of technical expertise. Dusun IoT embedded system hardware

1. IoT Gateway Hardware

Dusun IoT gateway hardware offers customers a complete set of ready-made platforms to streamline the development process and expedite the deployment of applications. Once development is complete, these gateway hardware will facilitate device access, data management, and connections to cloud platforms, enabling remote monitoring and viewing, among other functionalities.

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IoT gateway Development

2. IoT Gateway with Applications

Dusun IoT also provides gateways with integrated applications for quick and user-friendly deployment. Some have incorporated built-in integration with well-known platforms like AWS, Azure, Thingsboard, etc., offering free-code integration. Some comes with pre-installed applications like Home Assistant for effortless plug-and-play home automation, eliminating the need for complex configuration or programming.

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3. System on Module

Dusun IoT offers a diverse selection of SoMs featuring ARM-based CPUs known for their energy efficiency and high performance. The modular design allows for flexible configuration, ideal for a broad spectrum of IoT projects. Users can also develop their projects directly based on the existing BSP, focusing more on application and function development, rather than the need to build an entire system from the ground up. All SoMs undergo rigorous testing to ensure outstanding reliability.

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How to Get Started?

Dusun IoT's embedded system hardware is developed based on a wide range of SoCs from different companies, including NXP, Rockchip, MediaTek, and more. You can easily select the specific products you're interested in from the left sidebar.

Each product comes with essential specifications, user manuals, and quick start guides. Additional documents may also be also offered.

  • Specification: provide details on the hardware, including CPU core parameters, physical attributes, wireless performance, mechanical design, internal and external interfaces, dimensions, quality testing criteria, and obtained certifications
  • User Manual: thoughtfully designed to help users know what’s in the box, interpret what the LED lights on the device mean, comprehend the functions of each interface, and provide the using guidance.
  • Quick Start Guide: provides step-by-step instructions for network setup, targeting device configuration, Linux SDK installation, and firmware image modification for advanced application development.

If you need any technical assistance or have ideas to exchange, do not hesitate to visit our online forum. We have FAE engineers to answer your questions within 24 hours,and a group of gateway developers to share thoughts together.

Technical Support and Product Discussion

Thank you for selecting our products! Our priority is to ensure that your experience with our products is hassle-free and enjoyableMore. We provide a range of communication options for developers to easily reach us. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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  • Forum: Innovate. Share. Elevate. Join our extensive product usage discussions, share your experiences, or seek assistance from our community and technical experts.
  • Github: Download our demo code, SDK, firmware, and API files from our GitHub repository, and kickstart your journey into the world of gateway development.
  • Hackster: Showcase your IoT projects using Dusun IoT’ hardware. Engage with like-minded innovators, and inspire others with your creative solutions.
  • Contact: Get expert suggestions by simply filling our forms or email us. Our team is readily available to provide the technical consultation you need for your projects.

What's More

If you're interested in purchasing IoT hardware products, we invite you to explore Dusun IoT official website for pricing, and welcome to discover the solutions that suit your needs.

We also keep our LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter profiles updated with the latest company news, product releases, case studies, and valuable industrial insights. Feel free to follow us for the most recent updates.